He is the most balanced character with attack power, defend point and movement speed. Can simply make combo in medium range. He also cans recovery Special attack point when hit by the enemies. 



He has the fastest movement speed and easy to make combo with his fast attack speed. His special attacks have more attack and movement range, can attack the enemies in more flexible way. He has low attack power, but his special attack will have MGD point, can do the damage with avoid some enemies DEF. This character is for advance player use. He has more 25% SP recovery point compare to other character when attacking enemies. (For advance player)


He has the most powerful attack power and defend point, but with slowest movement speed. He do not have dash action but have the powerful blocking action, can also doing the counter attack when blocking. Special attack is powerful but it’s little bit hard to doing combo because of his slow attack speed. He also can recover SP when blocking the enemy’s attack. The MGR is quite low, must be careful when against magic or undead enemies. (For beginner)